Change is an incentive for Improvement
Evidence Based Decision Making for Economic Development
Data is the new oil.
We believe in the world where decisions are made not based on gut feelings but rather based on data.
Let’s create the world that the children imagine.
Power of imagination and knowledge will create a generation that will live to see the future become history.
Innovative Technology for Improved Humanity
Technology + Humanity

Ideate to Innovate


We boast the use of modern modern technology in data management. We use mobile technology in data collection. 

We have use AI powered mobile applications that machine-read handwritten data from paper survey forms and digitize the data in real time.

These innovations can be used to improve how data is managed in a number of systems such as examination data management in schools and colleges.


We focus on improving new and existing ideas whether related to designing a product or developing a digital solution.

We evaluate our clients’ ideas, products and services on feasibility, viability and desirability.

Our team of experts always coaches and guides oue clients to a fully innovative and productive strategy that will secure your place in the market.


We offer technological solutions that include preparation of technical specifications for the implementation of various programs; technical support, management and advisory services during project implementation.


We offer consultation services on issues of management and planning of programs; qualitative control of technical work and full monitoring of technical works as well as diagnostic and feasibility studies.

Education & Training

We offer superior professional training services and innovative learning and development solutions covering multiple industries and designed to meet the needs of the current fast-paced growing World

Give us a project to work on.

We love to be part of your project team. Let’s share our expertise.

Our Message

It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to you. We thank you for visiting OneMinute website.

Our core purpose to unravel complex challenges facing our world through innovative solutions is what we desire to do in an expansive and enduring manner.

Whether you are a potential client with a challenging project ahead; an innovator, policy maker, an existing client checking up on our latest news; a partner, or a future employee looking for new opportunities, I trust you will find what you are looking for here.

We have a clear vision – seeing a community where everyone is productive and innovative. We focus on conception and incubation of innovative ideas and solutions to turn them into a widely shared knowledge that the whole world can enjoy.

Our mission is to inspire and support every individual and organization to realize their full potential through innovative knowledge and technology. We believe in the power of knowledge and technology; that is why we invest in research and learning to educate the world for today and tomorrow.

We sincerely appreciate the time spent to learning more about OneMinute Limited. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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